• UnknownFAA private pilots license since 1985
  • FAA commercial drone license
  • Drone flight instructor- Business, gov’t, university clients, licensed high school drone teacher (Coastal Drone Academy)
  • We have 4 licensed drone pilots, each with visual observers, data managers, battery technicians, drivers, and all are safety and first air aid trained
  • We have 2- 4WD trucks and a van, and a portable field operations center including a battery charging station, field repair, redundant drone equipment, remote phone and data systems. Data is backed up in the field
  • Ground school instructor- Part 107
  • Qualified in fixed wing and rotary aircraft including:
    • Phantom 3/4
    • Matrice 600
    • eBee SQ
  • Aerial surveys of over 20,000 miles of shoreline
  • Presently working on a number of estuarine assessments, wetlands delineations, large areas of watersheds, and censusing whales and salmon
  • Carry Hull insurance on our drones and  $1-5M liability insurance on our clients’ assets

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